Hi, I’m Andy.
I organize events.

Do you have a great idea for an event? Because I’d love to help.


I’ve been organizing events for the design, arts, and tech communities for over 8 years. Organizing events for the design, arts, and tech communities is my jam.


2012 – Present

At home in Portland, Oregon, XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independent art and technology. The event centers around two days of talks, with a full 4-day programme of festival events showcasing independent artists, including Arcade, Tabletop, Music, Film & Animation and Story.

The Verge reckons it’s “one of the most interesting gatherings in technology” and that it “pushes the web forward”. So, that’s nice.

You may want watch the recap videos from 2014, 2013, and 2012, browse photos from all 3 years on Flickr, or explore the conference talks on our YouTube channel.


2009 – 2013

Build was a design festival for web designers. Held annually in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the conference focussed on ideas, principles, and impact over technologies, process, or tips and tricks.

Over its 5 year tenure, it grew from one day of talks to a full week-long festival, including hands-on workshops, film screenings, live music, a craft beer festival, and the infamous Standardistas Open Book Exam.

You may want to dive into the Build Flickr pool, or watch the conference talks on our Vimeo channel.


I take pride in creating events where people feel part of a community. Events where people feel at home. I like to focus on curation and narrative, and striking a balance between structure and serendipity.

It’s important to embrace that a memorable event will likely not be defined by anything you plan, but rather by your success at bringing a bunch of excellent people together in a welcoming, friendly, supportive environment.


  • Strategy

  • Budgeting

  • Curation and programming

  • Conduct and diversity policy

  • Sponsorship


  • Registration

  • Scheduling

  • Speaker logistics

  • Production management

  • Volunteer coordination

Andy’s events bring out the best in people. Somehow (but not by accident) attendees become close-knit communities, talks become poignant confessionals, and conferences become singular experiences for everyone involved.

Wilson Miner Designer

Andy is a pleasure to collaborate with because he puts his heart into his work, and it shows. He does a great job at creating an environment that makes people feel safe and welcome.

Alex Franceschini Acquisition Manager, Hover

Going into XOXO, I had no experience running an event. After four years of running Build, it was Andy McMillan’s instincts, experience, and single-minded dedication that made the festival what it is — a singularly-unique gathering that people are clamoring to attend every year.

Andy Baio Co-organizer, XOXO


For new project enquires, email hi@andymcmillan.is, or tweet at @andymcmillan.